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Pretty Rose

A waterproof Clitoral toy that can also be used on nipples. High powered, very popular and now avail…

Boob Tape
$12.00 - $15.00

Boob tape is used to help hold our breast in place in those sexy tops and dresses without the need t…

Rose Clit Massager

Rose Clit Massager has 3 prongs. 1 that vibrates while the other two move in different directions to…

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Sex Card Game

A Year of SEX! offers you over 50 different Kama Sutra positions. Use the cards as positional refere…

Juicy AF



Juicy AF will make your intimate encounters more luscious. This water-based lubricant effortlessly e…

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Dealing with Break-ups and Business Spot light.

Click the link to see Podcast: Dealing with Break-ups

Eve Queen
Oct 8th 2023

Dating Red Flags

Watch Podcast via YouTube Dating Red Flags

Eve Queen
Sep 14th 2023

Bedroom Tips and Business Spotlight

Bedroom Tips and Business Spotlight

Sep 14th 2023