Book a Party

If interested in booking a party, please fill out a contact information form, and a consultant will get back with you within 48 hours. 

What is a Toy Party?

A toy party is getting together with your friends to learn about new and popular adult novelties, mini twerk class, play games, talk sex education and bedroom tips. Or you can book one of your special Workshops/Seminars. 

How do these parties work?
You begin by booking your party with a consultant and pay the party booking fee. On the day of the party, your consultant will arrive with a variety of adult products to present to you and your guests. The presentation is tasteful, fun and educational.  After the presentation, the consultant will set up an ordering station, usually in a separate area (a bedroom, den, kitchen, etc.) Each guest can order confidentially and ask specific questions. Your consultant may have some items to purchase and other products will need to be ordered and will be mailed directly to the customers within 8 business days. Hostess of the night will receive a free gift the day of the party as well. 

How much are the parties to host? 

There is a flat rate booking fee of $200. If the location of the party is 1.5 hours or more a travel fee will be charged. We have no obligation to purchase, so guests aren't forced to make a purchase even though it is greatly appreciated and helps consultants earn commissions on all orders.

 Are the guests required to purchase products at a party?

This goes along with the above question. No, they are not required. However, these parties are shopping parties! Guests should come prepared to place an order to help the consultant be compensated.

 Are men allowed at the parties? Do you offer couples/co-ed parties?

Of course! We don’t discriminate, we ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can ensure we have items, games, and prizes that are fitting for men.

What do I need to provide at the party?
The guests, of course! We recommend some light snacks and refreshments. No one under the age of 18 allowed in the home at the time of the party, not even closed in a room, it’s just the LAW! Lastly, think about where you would like ordering to be. (kitchen, den, bedroom, etc.) If a party is located where valet parking is required, the hostess is responsible for that payment. 

How long is the party?
From the moment the consultant arrives to set up to the time they leave to go home, it  can be 2-4 hours, depending on the number of guests, and your instructions. Most parties last about 3-4 hours. Remember we are playing games, dancing, and presenting all at the same time. We always recommend that you give the guest an early time that you would like them to show up, b/c as we know some folks like to show up fashionably late, LOL. 

Are there games?

Depending on time allotted, most consultants do include fun games and activities that include cute prizes for game winners. 

Do you offer gift bags for guests?

Yes, for an additional fee you can purchase fun gift bags for your guests to take home. Get with your consultant for options and cost. 

How many guests do I need to have in attendance?

There is not a required minimum guest count. The smaller the party the more intimate it will be the more you have the longer the party may take, and is up to the hostess. Remember to let your consultant know the number of guests so they can properly prepare. 

What do I get in return for hosting a party?
As the Hostess you will receive a Thank you gift valued at $50.

What if I need to cancel the party after booking?

I book hotels, flights, rental car and make travel arrangements as soon as a deposit and/or payment is made. Cancellations are based other company policies therefore if you are required to pay a travel fee it is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Party Fee is Refundable up until 3 weeks of party date as supplies/materials are already ordered to guarantee the success of your event. 

You can also change the date of your party if needed instead of refund. Please note if travel fees were applied there may be additional cost due to changes of flight, rental car, and/or hotel, if applicable.

*If interested in booking a party, please fill out a contact information form, and a consultant will get back with you within 48 hours*