Preparing for Toy Party

THANK YOU for hosting your Beyond Sexy Vibes Party with me! If you haven’t booked with me yet, fill out the Request form on the Book your party tab to get your party started!

I am an experienced Intimacy Coach and Toy party specialist and your party is gonna be lit.  Together we will make your party a huge success. 

You can receive a thank you gift automatically for booking with me. If anyone cannot attend your party, they can still place an order online. And, of course, they can host their own party too!

What You Can Expect From Me:

  • A FUN, professional, non-judgmental, enlightening, funny and educational event.

  • A variety of quality and clean products will be shown and passed around the room.

  • Open communication – call me or email me anytime with any questions about your party. I’ll also be checking in with you from time to time until your party date.

  • Confidential and discreet ordering for you and your guests.

  • Payment methods accepted are any credit cards, After Pay, Cash App or cash.

  • 1-2 weeks discreet shipping via USPS.

What I’ll Need From You:

  • Do official invitations. An evite, paper invitations, Flyer, Facebook event, Eventbrite, etc. Make it official!

  • Keep on top of the guests. Send out reminders as we get closer to the party date. Remember to tell your guests to bring friends for a bigger turnout! If someone can’t attend the party, send them to shop online. 

  • This is an 18 and older event by law. So, please, no one under 18 including infants at the party location. 

  • A private area for ordering. Most hostesses choose a dining room, bedroom or kitchen.

  • Keep your food and drink options minimum. I want you to enjoy the show too! Opt for finger foods and simple refreshments/cocktails.

  • Please let me know if there are any changes to your booking, like date or time reschedule or location change, ASAP.

The three main things that will bring success to our party:

  1. Be Excited! Enthusiasm is contagious. If you show how excited you are, your guests will be excited too! We’re going to have fun games, fun sex ed and fun SHOPPING! Everyone loves a party!

  2. Over Invite! Invite everyone you know and ask them to bring a friend or two. Remember: Everyone loves an invitation! Let each guest decide if they will attend. Personally invite 40 people, often only one third of those invited are able to attend. Great attendance will make for a great event. My average attendee count is about 15-20 people. (Note: If you only have 2-4 people that ok as well)

  3. Reminders – Be sure your guestlist has received their invitations and collect RSVPs. Remind everyone about the party, especially the week of your party. I’ve learned that this makes a BIG difference in attendance.

More Tips:

  • Remind people that this IS a shopping party. Good sales are important since this is how I’m compensated through commission.

  • Make sure the time on your invite is an hour earlier than you expect, due to late comers. Example: the party will start at 7pm put at 6pm or 6:30pm. 

  • If you are hosting a bachelorette or birthday party, be sure to collect bridal or birthday bucks for the guest of honor! This is a collected amount of money from everyone attending the party for the bride or birthday girl to spend at the party or/and give them your hostess gift which is included. 

I’m looking forward to our party! Contact me for anything you may need.

Party Fee Refund Policy

I book hotels, flights, rental car and make travel arrangements as soon as a deposit and/or payment is made. Cancellations are based other company policies therefore if you are required to pay a travel fee it is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Party Fee is Refundable up until 3 weeks of party date as supplies/materials are already ordered to guarantee the success of your event. 

You can also change the date of your party if needed instead of refund. Please note if travel fees were applied there may be additional cost due to changes of flight, rental car, and/or hotel, if applicable.